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Whole Life Insurance

You want insurance that gives you guaranteed premiums with guaranteed coverage while providing the security you need. A Whole Life product might be just what you are looking for. Your Whole Life policy will provide the security, safety and predictability you need for tomorrow.

How does Whole Life work?

Whole Life insurance is a permanent life insurance policy that offers a guaranteed death benefit and builds guaranteed cash values that can be accessed through tax-advantaged policy loans.

You select the amount of coverage that fits your needs. Your premiums on your Whole Life policy will be guaranteed for the life of the policy.

The death benefit of the policy is guaranteed and does not reduce as long as you pay the basic premium. Cash values within the policy are guaranteed to increase and endow at the maturity of the policy.

Kansas City Life Insurance Company also has many optional riders to enhance your policy. For more information, please contact a licensed Kansas City Life Insurance Company agent near you.