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  • 1895

    Kansas City Life founded as Banker’s Life Association and Major William Warner serves as its first president.

  • 1899

    H.S. Halbert becomes the Company’s second president.

  • 1900

    The Company is renamed Kansas City Life Insurance Company.

  • 1904

    J.B. Reynolds becomes the Company’s third president.

  • 1924

    The Broadway Street building is built in Kansas City, Mo., for the cost of $1 million.

  • 1937

    After the sudden passing of J.B. Reynolds, the Company elects D.T. Torrens as the new president.

  • 1939

    Walter E. “Ed” Bixby becomes president of the Company.

  • 1940

    Kansas City Life begins advertising its products on billboards in the Kansas City area.

  • 1945

    Kansas City Life celebrates its 50th anniversary by introducing The President’s Club, a sales recognition program that lives on today.

  • 1948

    Security Assured mural created by renowned Kansas City artist Daniel MacMorris in what was then the associate dining room.

  • 1957

    The Penn Street building addition was made to the North building.

  • 1964

    J.R. Bixby succeeds his father, W.E. Bixby, as president.

  • 1974

    Kansas City Life purchases Sunset Life Insurance Company of America.*
    *Sold Nov. 1, 2021.

  • 1985

    The South building is constructed from stone from the same local quarry as the North building.

  • 1990

    Walter E. “Walt” Bixby becomes president.

  • 1991

    Kansas City Life acquires Old American Insurance Company.

  • 1995

    Kansas City Life celebrates its 100th anniversary by adding The Kugel fountain as a tribute to its first century of service and a symbol of enduring commitment to policyowners.

  • 1998

    R. Philip Bixby, the great-grandson of J.B. Reynolds, becomes the fourth Bixby to serve as president.

  • 2003

    Kansas City Life acquires GuideOne Life Insurance Company.

  • 2018

    Kansas City Life acquires Grange Life Insurance Company.

  • 2020

    Kansas City Life celebrates its 125th anniversary.

  • 2022

    Walter E. “Web” Bixby, LLIF, the brother of R. Philip Bixby, becomes the fifth Bixby to serve as president.

Kansas City Life’s Heritage